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The purpose of these Terms of Service is to protect the interests of the member service provider and all users (hereinafter referred to as members). Users should read the members in detail before completing the registration procedures or starting to use the member services provided by the Center. Agree to all the terms of the terms. Once you press the "Agree" button, it means that you are aware of and fully agree with all the terms of the Terms of Service. If you are a legally incapacitated person or a person with limited disability (such as a minor under 20 years of age), before you join the membership, please submit this Terms of Service to your legal agent (such as parents , Helper or guardian), and get their consent before you can register and use the membership services provided by this center. When you start using the membership services provided by this center, it means that your legal agent (such as a parent, helper or guardian) has read, understood and agreed to these Terms of Service.

After completing the registration of this service, members should maintain the security of the passwords and member accounts set by themselves. Any member account and password entered in accordance with the prescribed methods consistent with the login information, whether or not they are entered in person, will be presumed to be used by members , All actions performed by using this password and account number shall be the sole responsibility of the member. All images, videos, and audio on the website of this center are for private or non-profit use only. The film is intended for non-profit environmental education purposes only.

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