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We have 12 simulated clinics, simulated intensive care units, simulated operating rooms, 4 interactive feedback rooms and 2 skill training rooms. There are movable tables and chairs in the space.

Simulated Clinic:
There are 12 clinics here and each side has 6 rooms. This is actually an examination sector authorized by the government. In Taiwan, each medical student has to pass the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) exam before graduation, so that they can take the second national examination to get the physician's lenience. During the exam, in order to make the environment more confidential, curtains will be pulled drawn.

Simulated Operating Room & ICU:
Students can perform first-aid simulations and experience the actual division of labor and cooperation, and teachers can control (set) some psychological reactions of high-fidelity real and fake people, temporarily give the emergency team new conditions, and test students' medical decision-making judgment and crisis management (problems Exclude) capabilities.

Feedback Room:
The feedback interactive room is equipped with a projection screen and a projector, which can provide students and teachers to discuss during the course or after the exam to achieve the purpose of feedback or feedback teaching, suitable for group or small class teaching courses.

Multi- function Classroom:
There are two skill training rooms. The two can be divided into a large room with partitions. The tables and chairs in the classroom are movable, and the classroom is also equipped with a gas wall. It can be adjusted according to the simulated situation in the lesson plan. Most activities and courses required.


No. Venue Number of people Fee/hrs
A Multi- function Classroom 40 1,000
B Multi- function Classroom 60 1,500
C Feedback Room 15 800
D Simulated Operating Room 20 1,500
E Simulated Intensive Care Unit 20 1,500
FLKQ Simulated Clinic(big) 4 400
GH I J MNOP Simulated Clinic(small) 4 300
R-S Feedback Room 10 600
T Feedback Room 8 500
Venue & fee Venue & fee